About us

Kisaanonline was established in 2014 with an aim to empower our farmers to position themselves for the future using creative and practical solutions and processes, focusing on making their farming practices more sustainable and respond to the market needs to give them a competitive advantage for their produce.

We do so by offering a holistic solution i.e. understand the needs and requirement of the farmers and the farm, offer value-added agriculture inputs, give information on how to use those products through our team of trained facilitators and regularly monitor the progress of the crop and we would also assist in connecting our farmers to various buyers in the industry to get the best price for their produce.

We also organise seminars and courses on various aspects of agriculture where we want our farmers to get access to the brightest minds in the industry to be able to learn in an interactive environment and be able to understand the science behind what they do and it also gives them an opportunity to get access to new ideas and improve upon their existing practises.

In our latest venture,  we look forward to making organic and healthy produce more accessible in the urban environment and connect our urban folks to their land via food they eat. We see that the food we eat today, we don’t know where it comes from i.e. there is no traceability and information about how it was grown, and we want to change that. We want consumers to get access to best quality food which they can trace back to the farmer and trust in what they are consuming.